Щенки лабрадора Litter P-2 born on 28.12.2020

Родились: 28.12.2020

Мать: Vital Fleury Fiamma Cantante

Отец: Dolbia Inky

Перед Новым годом родились долгожданные щенки у нашей Vital Fleury Fiamma Cantante. В помете 4 черных кобеля, 2 черных суки, 2 желтых кобеля и 1 желтая сука.

Long-awaited puppies were born from our Vital Fleury Fiamma Cantante before the New Year. There are 4 black males, 2 black females, 2 yellow males and 1 yellow female in the litter.





Father Mother
Dolbia Inky Vital Fleury Fiamma Cantante
Dolbia Inky Vital Fleury Fiamma Cantante
JCh SK, JCh HU, Ch SK, Ch HU, Gr Ch SK

C.I.B.T, C.I.T., C.I.B, C.I.E.

Super Gr Ch UA, Gr Ch UA, 2xBBB, 8xCh UA

7 x CACIB, 3 x BOS, 13 x BOB, 2 x BOG I, BIS 2, BIS 6 x CACIB, 8 x BOS, 6 x BOB, 2xBISS, 3 x BIG I, 2xBIS VI
Derby Winner 2019, Club Winner, Speciality Winner 2xCACIT, 3xRCACIT, 4xCACT, 3xRCACT, 3xUkrainian Working Champion
HD A, ED 0/0 HD A, ED 0/0
Kardio Dopler - clear EIC-N/M
CNM - N/N  
DM – N/N  


Name Sex Color Photo Status
Paw Paw male black sold
Pathfinder male black sold
Paparazzi male black sold
Poker-Talk male black sold
Pick Nick male  yellow sold
Paradise Star of Michelin male  yellow sold
Passito Di Notte female black sold
Pam Pam Americano female black sold
Peally Welly female  yellow sold


 Parents  Gr Parents Gr gr parents Gr gr gr parents
Dolbia Inky Dolbia Ever So Clever Rusmairas Bonapart Devonshires In Like Flynn
Miconti Well-Noun
Dolbia La Blanche Dolbia Christian Lacroix
Dolbia Smooth Operator
Foulby Lucky Can You Get Carpenny Made A Million Carpenny Made the Trip
Mambrinos Spellbound at Carpenny
FoulbyThe Duchess Croftsway First Knight
Foulby Buttons and Bows
Vital Fleury Fiamma Cantante Strongline's Yo-Yo Sure Shot Hispire Impressive Windfall's Pipe Major
Janrod's Tammy Whynot
Strongline's Quantanamera Carpenny Anchorman
Strongline's Piggywiggy
Michelle My Bell Fiamma Cantante Charm Bluveil Mr/ Darcy Langshott Gale Force From Kimvalley
Charm's Dncing To The Music
Miconti Mont Blanc Aston De L'etang Balancet
Tawastway’s Hide’n’seek


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