Vital Fleury Fiamma Cantante

2 x Ch UA


HD-A, ED-0/0

 Родители Деды Прадеды Пра-прадеды
Strongline's Yo Yo Sure Shot Hyspire Impressive Windfall's Pipe Major Hyspire Darktown Strutter
Windfall's Black Piper
Janrod's Tammy Whynot Raintree Slippery When Wet
Janneka Way's Sunny Side Up
Strongline's Quantanamera Carpenny Anchorman Augustus Tuplady Of Leospring
Covetwood Elouise Of Carpenny
Strongline's Piggywiggy Tawastway's Fooling Around
Strongline's Jolly Known
Mishelle my Bell Fiamma Cantante Charm Bluveil Mr.Darcy Langshott Gale Force From Kimvalley Sandylands Gad-About
Kimvalley Follow On To Langshott
Charm's Dancing To The Music Bluveil Balanchine
Hitmans Charm N Ginger Bear
Miconti Mont Blanc Aston De L'etang Balancet Antonine Total Eclipse over Cricklecreek
Fisherman's Friend Nan
Tawastway’s Hide’n’seek Tweedledum Against All Odds
Strongline's Knock on Wood
Data Show Judge Class Result
03.12.2017 CACIB-UA " Cristal Cup"'17 Boris Alexandrov (Ukraine) Working CAC
02.12.2017 CACIB-UA, KYIV RUS"17 István Nagy (Serbia) Working CAC
06.10.2017 CAC, Kyiv, UA Lafuente Angel (ES) Working CAC
07.10.2017 CAC, Kyiv, UA Shiapanis Savva (CYP) Working CAC
25.06.2017 CAC Burshtynoviu Cup, Rovno, UA Zoya Oleynikova (UA) Working CAС, ВOB, BIG - II
24.06.2017 CAC Chervona Kalina, Rovno, UA Irina Azen (BEL) Working CAС, ВOB, BIG - I, BIS-IV
24.06.2017 CAC, Labrador Mono, Rovno, UA Natalia Bulelik (BEL) Working CAC
28.05.2017 CAC, Rovno, UA Radoslav Stoynov (BG) Working CAC
28.05.2017 CAC, Labrador Mono, Rovno, UA Yulia Turenko (UA) Vinners CAC, BOS, BISS
07.05.2017 CAC, Kyiv, UA Tatyana Shiyan (UA) Working CAC
06.05.2017 CAC, Kyiv, UA Inga Siil (EST) Working CAC
03.12.2015 CACIB, "Cristal Cup",  Kyiv, UA Galina Kalinichenko (UA) Junior Exellent
04.12.2015 CACIB, "Kyivskaya Rus",  Kyiv, UA Monique Van Bremt (BE) Junior Exellent, II

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