Mother Father
Miconti Mont Blanc Follies Mon Oncle
milll Follies Mon Oncle
C.I.B & C.I.E & UA & RUS & BY & LT & RO BLG & MCD & SERB MD & MN CH UKR JCH & Winner of Balkan 16хCACIB International Working Certificate FT DUCK C.I.B & FI & EE & LT CH W-06
Hips: A/A Elbows: 0:0 Eyes: PRA clear EIC clear Hips: A/A Elbows: 0:0 Eyes: PRA clear EIC clear


Name Sex Color Photo Status
Mr. Masterpiece Fiamma Cantante male  yellow sold
Marygold Fiamma Cantante  female  yellow  sold
Mascarpone Fiamma Cantante  female  yellow sold
Mysterious Blonde Fiamma Cantante female  yellow  sold
Milli Vanilli Fiamma Cantante female  yellow  sold
Magic Pearl Fiamma Cantante  female  yellow  sold
Miss Myberry Fiamma Cantante  female  yellow  sold


Follies Mon Oncle Mallorn´s Romeo Vision´s I´m Able Sounder´s Hear Me Roar
Kelleygreens Amazing Grace
Rosanan La Rosa Mallorn´s Arcturus
Rosanan Desert Rose
Tweedledum Folies Bergerer Follies Storm Petrel Brookhill´s Daddy´s Hope
Follies Olympia
Tweedledum Curtain Call Dickendall Arnold
Tweedledum Mascara
Miconti Mont Blanc Aston De L'etang Balancet Antonine Total Eclipse over Cricklecreek Cricklecreek Cruising Along
Antonine Seajade
Fisherman's Friend Nan Ole
Rosanan Beauty Spot
Tawastway’s Hide’n’seek Tweedledum Against All Odds Tweedledum Brookland Savoy
Tweedledum Mascara
Strongline's Knock on Wood Upwards Alfonso
Strongline's Ever Known

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