Litter H-2 born on 14.06.2018

Родились: 14.06.2018

Мать: Mandarine Much of Marimba Fiamma Cantante

Отец: Calipso Fiamma Cantante

В помете 4 кобеля и 4 суки.


Father Mother
Calipso Fiamma Cantante Mandarine Much of Marimba Fiamma Cantante
 Calipso Fiamma Cantante  Mandarine Much of Marimba Fiamma Cantante_main
C.I.B & C.I.E, Jn Ch UA, 5xCh UA, BG, SB, MC, RO, Gr Ch UA, MD
 International Working Certificate


Name Sex Color Photo Status
High Hope male  yellow 22 sold
Happy-go-Lucky male  yellow  14 sold
Hat Trick male  yellow  9 sold
Hate to Wait male  yellow  23 sold
Harvest Moon female  yellow  8 sold
Heart-to-Heart female  yellow  3 sold
H'Echo female  yellow  1 sold
Hand Made female  yellow  24 sold


 Parents  Gr Parents Gr gr parents Gr gr gr parents
Calipso Fiamma Cantante Sudeo Royal Piper Antonine Total Eclipse over Criclecreek Criclecreek Cruising Along
Antonine Seajade
Alanwood Lady Fernella of Sudeo Rocheby Old Smokey
Alanwood Lady Roxy
Akacia Honey Fiamma Cantante Midnight Escape Mallorn's Valentine
Loijalhart Heigh-Ho Dear Heart
Kansone Chestnut Bloom Goodquite’s Nery Afraid
Alina Schastlivaya Nahodka
Mandarine Much of Marimba Fiamma Cantante Arthus Sarracenia Majestic Chameleon Buttonwood McIntosh Beechcroft's Study In Black
Buttonwood Fox Hill Ivy
Wenie Malmesbury Sable Blues Tapeatom Choir Master
Domenika Sable Blues
Miconti Mont Blanc Aston De L'etang Balancet Antonine Total Eclipse over Cricklecreek
Fisherman's Friend Nan
Tawastway’s Hide’n’seek Tweedledum Against All Odds
Strongline's Knock on Wood


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