Aurinkoinen Koira Belleza Unica for Fiamma Cantante

HD-A, ED-0/0

Родители Деды Прадеды Пра-прадеды
Miracle Makers Fiamma Cantante Charm Bluveil Mr.Darcy Langshott Gale Force From Kimvalley Sandylands Gad-About
Kimvalley Follow On To Langshott
Charm's Dancing To The Music Bluveil Balanchine
Hitmans Charm N Ginger Bear
Miconti Mont Blanc Aston De L'etang Balancet Antonine Total Eclipse over Cricklecreek
Fisherman's Friend Nan
Tawastway’s Hide’n’seek Tweedledum Against All Odds
Strongline's Knock on Wood
Mallorn’s Euphoria Follies Traveller Loch Mor Spencer Sandylands Gad-About
Rosanan Ice Follies Follies Storm Petrel
Rosanan Be My Rose
Mallorn’s Eternity Mailiksen Gentleman Strongline’s Eternal Flame
Mailiksen Lumikki
Mallorn’s Madame Rochas Mandamaycaretaker
Mallorn's Poison
Data Show Judge Class Result
28.02.2016 CAC, Kyiv, UA Miklos Levente (Hungary) Puppy BP-2
27.02.2016 CAC, Kyiv, UA Alfredo Alessandri (IT) Puppy BP-2

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